Fundação LIGA, IPSS
CRA cooperates with Fundação Liga, IPSS which mission is contributing to people’s physical and mental well-being, such as people that are in disadvantage and define as a priority… more »

Locals Aproach
CRA cooperates with LOCALS, a multidisciplinary group that aims to foster sustainable territorial, environmental, landscape, cultural and socio-economic development… more »

Associação Amigos do B2M – Bairro Alto da Ajuda
CRA is also pleased to collaborate with the Associação Amigos do B2M – Bairro Alto da Ajuda. This association has as its mission transforming the thoughts… more »

Fundação Girl Move
CRA is also pleased to collaborate with GirlMove Foundation with pro bono legal support. The Foundation GirlMove‘s mission is to create a life movement, support and empower… more »

Comunidade Vida e Paz
CRA works since 2009 with the Comunidade Vida e Paz on the Christmas Event with the Homeless People on a volunteer basis and providing pro bono legal assistance.

CRA aware of its social responsibilities and duties towards the community and in particular the duty to cooperate and improve the access to Law and Justice participates in several projects with several organizations, collaborating in volunteering and citizenship missions.

CRA supports on a regular basis causes and citizenship projects, initiatives of NGOs or NPOs, by providing pro bono legal services.