Again the “Red Sole Trademark” (July 2017)

Jaime Medeiros and Ana Carolina Santos analyse the recent opinion of the Advocate General, issued in June, 22, in the case Christian Louboutin v. Van Haren Schoenen BV in which it is discussed whether the red sole of a shoe is a trademark

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New incentives for hiring (July 2017)

Rita Bettencourt comments the recent Decree-Law n.º 62/2017 of June, 21st which rules the terms of granting incentives to the companies that hire for indefinite period certain groups of the labour force

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Bearer Securities prohibited in Portugal (May 2017)

Luís Moreira Cortez comments the recent Law n.º 15/2017 of May, 3rd which prohibits the issuance of bearer securities as of May, 4th of 2017 and requires the conversion of the existing ones into nominal securities until November, 4th of 2017, amending the Corporate Code and the Securities Code

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